Client-side ranking to more efficiently show people stories in feed

Client-side ranking to more efficiently show people stories in feed

Our Mission News Feed is to connect people with the stories that matter most to you. For slower Internet connections people, we focus on how to classify and make relevant stories, without waiting for the network to get results.

In December of last year, we posted a post on our feed efforts for all connections to improve regardless of device or network. In recent months, rapidly relevant stories more efficiently working to achieve this goal decoupling the strength of a network connection, new energy experience for people to see, without having to wait for slow loading times. We are now upgrading to client architecture news packages on this basis, according to the efficient release of stories of people in view of food.

Previously, the history of RSS sorting had occurred on the server. After server-side sorting, many customer reports were sent in this order. This architecture has limitations – for example, people in emerging countries saw a full scheme routers and gray boxes often, because the stories and related media were sent regardless of the quality of the connection to the network.

Objectives for a new architecture
To create with the overall goal of a new flow experience optimized for mobile devices, regardless of network connection, first, we have principles that could influence this work.

People should not rely on a solid network connection should be available when they want to use the Facebook application. We consider a fast network that enhances the RSS experience rather than a requirement.
An external news story is not relevant at all, the corresponding media (for example, images, at least the start of a video, instant text articles, etc.) to upload (instead, if its metadata is downloaded).
With these principles in mind, we have designed a new architecture news feed stories are reclassified according to the client to provide, are sent from the server. We avoid spinners and gray boxes 1) They require stories that have all the necessary means available prior to optimizing news sources and 2) making news feed content for each session.

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