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Watch Your Competitors - Social Media Tips

Take a look at some of your previous posts on social networks. How many of them are @ other people? How many of your interactions are the responses to other messages? If you are like many companies, the answer is probably not much. Instead, the stream of social media, the stations that probably complete (/ a half message with a link to an article or just text).

You have been repeatedly involved with the Public Council. But what does that mean?

In response to other messages, but does not mention
To post news?
Add people to Twitter lists
Basically, you want to change unidirectional social media poles forward and towards positions. The difference is that the means of conversation and new bidirectional communication. On the other hand, it allows the possibility of messages to fulfill with little or no space for each with different from “good contribution” or other generic answer nothing at all.

If you share a link, you request comments and reviews or tag someone else’s answers. Think. Your publications in social media in the context of a conversation.

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