More Articles You Want to Spend Time Viewing

More Articles You Want to Spend Time Viewing

How we can further improve our food, we make sure that changes help you see the most important stories on top. In this work, we ask thousands of people live every day, evaluate and tell us how we can improve what they see when they register Facebook – we call our food quality program. From these discussions, we have learned that people take measures related to Facebook, click, comment or message do not always tell the whole story, to share what makes the most sense.

For example, we have what was found, are stories that people like or do not comment on those who are still, such as an article about a current event to see the new serious or sad friend. Based on this finding, we updated the new rating by considering the amount of time spent on food to read a publication in the news service, if the item is opened. We are also updating the news supply ranking into account times when someone clicks on an entry and is sent directly to the notice of the offer because we knew this often happens if the article was someone did not click on what they expected Publication or support.

Time Display

Based on this work, we learned that the time to move people choose to read or view RSS content that they clicked on an important sign that the story was interesting to them. We add another RSS news factor in the row that we can now predict the time they spend on Facebook’s mobile browser or instant articles in an article such that after clicking on the news feed. This update is to take the classification into account, the probability of a click element and then spend time reading. We do not count the loading time on this – you will be the time to consider, dedicated to reading and viewing content once fully loaded. We are also on a threshold in the last time that accidental research articles have already been treated preferentially.

With this change, we can better understand what elements may be of interest to you, depending on how long you have read and others, so you will be more inclined to look at the stories you want to read. This change only affects when spending time with people a product, regardless of whether reading this time is devoted to an article or soluble products in the mobile web browser to read.

The Diversity News Page

We have also heard people who like reading articles from a wide range of publishers, and can be repeated if there are too many elements from the same source they are supporting in their news service. We are also an update to reduce the frequency with which people see multiple messages in a row from the same source in their news service.

Will this effect be my site?

We begin to launch these actions and will continue in the coming weeks. We hope that most sites will not see any significant changes. Some sites may see a slight increase in referral traffic and some pages may be seen smaller decreases. As always the parties must practice our best publication is limited to remit.

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