News Feed FYI: Showing Stories About Topics You Like

News Feed FYI: Cleaning Up News Feed Spam

In January, we introduced Trending global conversations that occur on Facebook, he said. Today, we are a new way for people to discover conversations around the topics that have shown interest.

Thus, if a hand is placed in a location other part, we can also help some people show love or follow the marked page. For example, this could bleach the report’s contribution in News Feed for people who follow or like Dwight Howard, and more people who follow or report as follower of bleach followed.

This is already occurring updates from friends – when a friend introduced me to write in a photo, my friends can see this photo on their news service, even though they are not friends of the person who m ‘scored. When we tried to add this function to the pages, we found that users liked to see to see this type of content in their news service and these stories were highly valued in the polls.

We look at many factors, to ensure that the most relevant stories appear in the News Feed, including contributions are always commitment (like likes, comments, actions and clicks) throughout Facebook. We also take into account the increase of the contributions of the participation of people, both in the page that is displayed and the page that has been marked.

For example, if a lot of people like Dwight Howard even when it looks like the Bleacher report that both parties are connected. If we see people who like Bleacher Report and Dwight Howard as the post above, this is an indication that it may be suitable for people like Dwight Howard.

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