Taking into Account Live Video When Ranking Feed

Taking into Account Live Video When Ranking Feed

Updated December 6, 2016: We have listened to comments from people who can find not only graphic research of an interesting type of live content to be – for example: “Press the love of peanut butter, jam Jaja,” Where the flow is adjusted or graphics or static loop images. Against this feedback, we are taking steps to reduce the visibility of live streams and exclusively voting charts. If you publish a single live video with graphical investigations, it may not be as high, people want to appear on news channels.

Originally published March 1, 2016:
The flow of news messages from friends and pages that have been connected. These messages can status updates, photos, videos, links, and now I live Facebook videos. Facebook created IOS live in December to life and started last week launched on Android in the United States. For the last three months I have become more and more popular video and creating more and more people and pages and watch live video.

As with any new type of energy content news, we learn what signs personally help us live video day to show you Facebook. For example, a few years ago, when more people started videos on Facebook to know to know which characters have helped people who want to see and not less videos to show more videos to share and observe. First, we updated the message flow rating that many people viewed a video and seen people who always help us adjust RSS people’s preference for watching videos. Over time, we have also learned some steps taken by the people in a video, and choose to turn on the sound or make the video screen, are good indications that they wanted to watch the video, but would not know.

Now that more and more people are watching the video, we see live video as a new type of content – we differentiate it from normal video – and classify people’s learning in news sources. First of all, we do a small live update of Facebook video channels, it is likely to appear higher in news packs, when these videos actually live, they are compared to those who are no longer alive. People spend more than 3 times a Facebook video, compared to an average live video to watch, they are no longer alive. In fact, interesting live video of Facebook in the time after the facts.

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