Watch Your Competitors – Social Media Tips

Watch Your Competitors - Social Media Tips

Is it one of your competitors in order to kill absolutely on social networks? It seems like all recipients of retweets tweets and messages from Instagram dozens have hundreds of flavors while you will be completely abandoned? When this happens, you should begin to analyze what you do not.
Published content
The following
Who is the next one?
How often to post
Published what time of day
What kind of security do they use in their jobs
The most popular publications
This gives you an idea of ​​what works for your competitors and why you might see more success in social media. Once you get an idea of ​​your competitors’ strategies, you need to take care of a part of what they do on their own plane. At the same time, you do not want to completely copy a competitor.
If you observe, for example, that a competitor has published many photos, he began to create his own images. Try to post at the same time of day, or more often, depending on your activity.
However, this does not mimic the pretext of its competitors on the bone. Your customers want to be unique and you have to show them some competitive stuff and looking for other ways to improve these strategies.

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