What the Reactions Launch Means for News Feed

News Feed is the main way to get up-to-date information about your friends, family and everything downtown and have conversations with people that interest you. We are listening and we know there has to be more opportunities to express quickly, as something that you see in the news feed you feel. So, the reactions to life summoned today, to give a button extension as other ways to share your response to a Facebook entry quick and easy.

Our goal is to show you the most news stories you supply. First, as we do when someone like me when someone uses a reaction, we conclude that they want to see more of this kind of position. First, if someone likes, “infatuated” or post “SADS” – first a similar response to such use to the conclusion that you want to see more of this type of content. Over time, we hope that learning the different responses should be weighted differently news sources to show a better job, to make all the stories we see more want.

Is this on my side?

We see that to understand it as an opportunity for companies and publishers, how people react to their content on Facebook. Site owners will see the responses to all messages in the page descriptions. Reactions have the same effect on taste ads. We will pass the learning of this version and use the information to improve the passage of time. Global sides must continue to publish the things that your audience is important and use our best practical publishing pages.

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